Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I love Chicago - Trip Update - Friday and Saturday

Wow, I'm still so exhausted. Like I said in my last post - the town of Chicago can sure do things right. I was impressed with everything from the Expo to the race. I'll give a "brief" play-by-play of my time in Chicago - please forgive my blatant grammatical and spelling errors - I'm still wiped out.

Friday Night
We (Kate, my good friend and personal photographer, and I) boarded our plane and headed for Chicago. We arrived at the airport around 9 pm, then took a 45 min train to the hotel. Exhausted, we went right to sleep.

Excited, we woke up with a sore throat around 7 (pretended to not notice) and got ready and took shuttle to the Expo so I could pick up my packet and T-shirt. I was a little nervous about this because the White Rock Expo was a disaster as far as organization was concerned and it was only 20,000 people. Chicago had it down - the expo was awesome. So many sponsors and stuff to look at . . . I could have easily spent hours and hours there - I think I was only there for 1 1/2 hrs then we headed back to the hotel, where I was going to "rest". Ok, so when we got there I was too excited and decided that a brief trip down the Magnificent Mile wouldn't hurt . . . Here is a picture of us leaving the hotel:

and oh, was that mile magnificent - Tiffany's over here and Harrod's over there and Marshall Field's down the street - OH MY - I could have spent all day there, but instead I opted for just a few hours and then picked up a sandwich and headed back to the hotel while Kate meet up with a friend of hers. I sort of rested and prepared my race things for about 3 hours then decided that I did not see enough of Michigan Avenue and headed back out to meet Kate - we walked a little more and headed back to the hotel and she told me about the guy who started masterbating next to her on the train on the way to meet her friend - read about it here. I would have been terrified, but she thought it was totally funny!

It's around 5:30 or so now and I've spent most of the day on my feet.

We have dinner reservations at 7:30 at the Italian Village, the oldest Italian restaurant in Chicago. After speaking with the concierge, we discovered that right across the street from the restaurant there was a mosaic by Marc Chagall - OMG - love Marc Chagall. Had to see it . . . so, we left the hotel early, walked around the mosaic, which took about 10 min but was totally worth every minute. We headed upstairs to the bar to wait the next hour for our reservations, but place was packed (as I'm sure every Italian place in Chicago was), so we went downstairs and stood and waited in the cold and windy air for an hour. By this time we were completely exhausted and my throat was killing me. Finally, we got to eat - Kevin, Karrie, Me and Kate:

Got to bed around 10:30 pm - totally wiped out!


Blogger sarah said...

yay! congratulations on the marathon! i kept track of your times online during the race. the times kept changing as they updated, which at first confused me, but i got the basic idea. :)

i like that you and kate are all color-coordinated (and in pink) in your pictures. very nice. sounds like chicago was lots of fun!

5:20 PM  
Blogger partyrunner said...

forget the marathon...i'm going to chicago to shop!

nice job. friends, shopping, food, chicago, run. great!

8:53 AM  

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