Monday, October 31, 2005

LAST . . . sigh

I ran a 10k yesterday morning - and I totally bonked on mile 2. I walked most of the race and I'm pretty sure I came in last place. I felt worse during this race that I did the entire Chicago Marathon. I have no idea why these past few days I've been running like crap. Maybe my body needs a longer post marathon time to recover than most people. I don't know. I'm running a half marathon next weekend and I'm worried I'll bonk on that race too.

I'm really frustrated because my running was so on before the marathon. I'm not sure what training I should do this week. Here is what I have scheduled - does this seem right? Should I do more/less?

My weight today is 130.6 and Tanita tells me I'm 31% body fat. Let's all hate Tanita together.

Friday, October 28, 2005

A non-gender discriminatory WARNING: This post is about diarrhea

I've spent most of my adult life constipated. Not something I'm particularly proud of, but a fact of my life it remains. I've been running now for a little over a year and am training for my 4th marathon. One of the side effects has been abnormally frequent intestinal evacuation. Don't be fooled, I'm still plagued with this illustrious constipation - all day, all the time . . . except when . . . I'm half way into a run - my intestine start that ohhh, sooo familiar cramping and spasming. Now, I know why runners get diarrhea, what I don't know is - how do you make runner's diarrhea stop? I don't love nature that much.

Oh, btw, speed work sucked this morning and my body is rebelling. 3 800's and 3 400's (i think) - slow - no no no, not speedy. Should I odometorize that distance?

And, at the risk of being bitch-slapped by my sister, I'm posting my weight again for a while: 129.6 today.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Ever go run or workout and feel like it would have been more beneficial to get some extra sleep and stay in bed?

Went to bootcamp and didn't realize my shorts were on backwards until I got home. Drove to work only to realize it's not Friday - and I'm wearing jeans. Go home, change. Get back to work and realize that I forgot my security pass and was locked out of the building. Open my email and it's locked up because I have too many large files. Dribbled coffee down all the front of my new ivory sweater and remember I've used up all of Kate's Shout wipes.

This is for Karrie - Why you're a good friend:
  • You're always, always positive - even when you think you're not
  • You listen to me talk about my poop, my boobs, my hair, and my shopping addiction
  • You're the ONLY person in the world who will get up and run at 4AM with me
  • Because together - we can come up with 1001 excuses why we had a bad run - and totally believe it
  • You let my mentally challenged dog, Rikki, pee on you - and do not get grossed out
  • Between the two of us, we've had every conceiveable imaginary and non-imaginary running injury
  • Because we are equally bad at finding the start line of a race
  • You have many interests, you're not judgemental and you never ever give up

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

3.129 mile run

27 min 12 sec - yup, yup, yup that's fast for me. 8:42 min per mile. Go me.

A little sore

I'm a little sore from yesterday's buttcamp - but only on the right side. Laziness must have set in when I was working on the left. Upper body bootcamp tomorrow and speedwork on Friday! The Half is on Nov. 6th and I'm totally unprepared.

I'm in macromedia class today and the person sitting next to me is slightly amused with my blogging addiction. I'm very multi-tasky. And to answer his questions and all the email's I've received - Yes, those are my legs. No, the rose petals have nothing to do with running - they're just pretty.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bootcamp vs. Buttcamp

This morning was lower body bootcamp with Karrie & company . . . felt a little more like buttcamp to me. I'm feeling pretty good right now, but we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

I'm excited about joining a local running group called the Flower Mound Striders. They are starting a speed workout on Wednesdays and have a group that meets on Saturday mornings for a distance run. I seriously need some speedwork, I'm unworthy of my cheetahs right now. I think I'll change my banner until I'm faster.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Slow, Slow Run

Set out at 5AM this morning with Richard to do a long slow run. It was cold - 52 degrees - and very windy. Our course was set for a 13 mile run, but soon into the run I knew I was tired and my joints were achy and I headed off early to cut the run short. At about mile 8.5 my left ankle and right knee were hurting, so I decided to speed things up, if it's gonna hurt - make it hurt good. It did. I'm still pretty sore - my glutes, ankles, groin and neck. I ran 10.69 miles in 1:53:03. Mediocre time - but, still so nice to be back on the road. The Dallas Half is in 2 weeks - hopefully, I'll be in a little better shape by then. (Flatman, are you running The Half?)

After the run I walked 1.25 miles back to my house - showered and then walked another 1.25 miles back to my car with Kenza cart-wheeling beside me the whole way. Then, I met up with Linda, Sarah and Kate to have breakfast at IHOP - a rarity for me. Now I know why. I swear they must give the waitresses free crack in exchange for lifetime employment. It's a scary, scary place.

Friday, October 21, 2005


It was the first day my Namesless Nano and I hit the road since the Chicago marathon. Oh, oh, oh, it was wonderful - an easy 3 mile run this morning - 27:59. The weather was perfect, the stars were out, it was just fabulous.

For all you ladies interested, there is a thought-provoking article in Discover magazine this month on "The Physics of Bras." Not typical for Discover, but a nice surprise. I'm not a large-breasted woman, but am always on the look-out for a "less-chafing" bra. I found the analogies in this article intersting - here are a few excerpts:
Poor eating habits, as well as breast implants and the estrogens in birth-control pills, have led to an increase in the past 15 years of more than one bra size for the average American woman-from a 34B to a 36C. For many women, this has been a burdensome trend. A pair of D-cup breasts weighs between 15 and 23 pounds-the equivalent of carrying around two small turkeys.

The structure of breasts is still something of a mystery. Evolutionary biologists aren't sure why breasts evolved as they did-chimpanzees and other mammals develop them only when lactating-and no one knows what keeps them from sagging.

"Force equals mass times acceleration," Steele says. "That's Newton's second law. You have a large mass, and it's going quickly, and the force is going to be large. If you have breasts that are slapping down and hitting the chest and having to come back up, they accelerate very quickly." No one really knows the long-term medical consequences of "excessive breast bounce," as Steele calls it. But it can cause pain and is the most likely reason for sagging breasts.

The first sports bra was created in 1977, when two American women took a pair of jockstraps, cut them apart, and sewed them back together. They dubbed their creation the Jogbra.
I find myself perplexed as to what I should compare myself to - an extra-small turkey, or a lactating chimpanzee.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Feeling Great

I feel so much better today. I didn't realize how bad I was actually feeling. I attributed it training fatigue and post-marathon exhaustion . . . I think I'll head to the doctor earlier next time. Can't wait to hit the road tomorrow morning.

Other than that, don't really have much interesting to say today . . . all the milfing comments wore my brain to pieces.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

feeling better

Wow, these antibiotics work fast . . . I'm feeling better already. I'm still a little weak, but much better than the past few days. I'm planning on resuming my normal workout on Friday morning with an easy 3 mile run.

On another note - went to Starbucks this morning and the cute counter boy handed me my change and said "Thanks Ma'am" - I think that's southern for "too old to be hot anymore."

Food log: coffee w/cream, antibiotic ---> 215 calories. 1/2 Chicken salad on wheat, 1/2 olive, 1/4 c potato salad ---> 607 calories.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Still feel like poop

Went to be last night at 8pm - woke up at 10:40 with fever. My throat is sore, my ears are popping and I feel terrible. Must get a dr's appt today. I'm so tired. Going to dr at 1pm -.

I feel as if all of my hard work and endurance is going down the tubes - I'm on day 8 and have only done some walking and biking. How long before my muscles turn completely to jelly?

Food log: coffee, frightfully large banana, water --> 313 calories. Mongolian Beef w/ mushroons, veggies & rice, water --->753 calories so far. 5 mints ---> 778 calories. Triscuits -->978 calories

UPDATE - Just got back from the doctor - I've got a throat infection (which I've probably had since before the marathon) and got some amoxicillan . . . he said I should be ready to go by Friday for more training . . . I'm hoping by Thursday morning - we'll see.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Feel like poop.

I've still exhausted from the marathon. I don't know why I'm not recovered yet. I tried to go out for an easy 5 miler yesterday and didn't get very far, my body was shakey - felt like my blood sugar was low even though I've done nothing but stuff my face lately. I did do about 4 hour's worth of yard work beforehand - but even so - I should not have been so tired.

I ended up picking up my bike - Kenza and I rode an easy 7 miles. I was completely wiped out when we were finished. I'm going to rest today - I'm still shakey this morning. I hope I'm not coming down with something.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Hilda and Naked - Here is my 23rd post - 5th sentence:

The heat and the 2-a-day workouts are really taking their toll.

Ugh - training in July in Texas really sucks! Looks like everyone has been tagged already - so I tag anyone who has yet to be tagged and Marathena!.

Rules:1) Go into your archives. 2) Find your 23rd post. 3) Find the fifth sentence (or closest to it.) 4) Post the text of your sentence in your blog along with these rules. 5) Tag five other people.

Marathon Taper Phase

Karrie, How does this look?

Friday, October 14, 2005

Ha - I wanna run in my underpants too

this link is so fun - got it from boingoboing's blog - thanks for making me smile today Jeff.

Back to the real world

I'm still a little foggy today - and tired - but, training must resume tomorrow with an easy 3-4 mile run.

ok, my food log for the day - since no workout today, my goal is to only consume 1,500 calories.
Breakfast - 1/4 c egg beaters w/ salsa, 1/2 avacado, coffee w/ cream - 390 calories. Snack: small hershey dark chocolate 45 calories, diet coke. ---> 435 cal so far. Lunch: veggie italian sub, diet coke --> 985 calories so far --> 1 bx snack chex, 1/2 tall pumpkin latte -->1335 cal . . . not looking good.

Poor Rikki - her best attribute is her nervous bladder

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Have headache - -

Ok, so I have a headache . . . but I gots a Nano too . . . she's so shiny and pretty. Not sure what to name her. I'll be patient, it must be a worthy name.

Ok, so I've got to get a grip on this calorie thing. I can't continue to consume calories like I'm a human garbage disposal. Oh, the disparities. Woe is me. I'm going to list every single thing that lands in my mouth from here until the Austin Marathon on Feb 19. If I'm eating poorly - smack me around a little.

Oh oh, headache.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Totally brunk and drogging

It's my anniversary!!! and I ran a marathon!! and I got a Nano. Na na na na Nano. So Shopper Susan decided to celebrate anniversary/marathon completion with Runner Susan by taking not-so-shopper husband to the mall. Fashion Whore Susan got a little upset with Runner Susan because she's spent to much time with I-must-stuff-my-face Susan and created Giant Amorphis Butt Susan and couln't fit into these really cool black gaucho pants that Fashion Whore Susan has been eyeing for quite some time now. So I-must-stuff-my-face Susan took not-so-shopper husband to the Cheesecake factory to eat, um cheesecake and drink ummm, many martinis to console Fashion Whore Shopper Susan. Apparently, Runner Susan seems to have lost some alcohol tolerence during training season. Tomorrow, Runner Susan is going to be really ticked off at Intoxicated Shopper Susan when it is 4 am and time to run.

Well, the secretly OCD wanna-be-computer geek Susan decided to check her philosophical friend Kate's blog to see if she has posted about the promised Barbies with no Vagina yet. But, wanna-be-computer geek Susan is getting really ticked off because not-so-shopper husband is in the bedroom yelling such thing as "it's late . . . blogging too much . . . light in that room is bothering me." uh-huh. Could it be that light-bothered husband is not really bothered by the office light at all . . . but, has figured out that Intoxicated Fashion Whore Shopper Susan is a little more fun than I'm-really-tired-I'm-training-for-a-marathon Runner Susan?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Official times.

I love Chicago - Trip Update - Friday and Saturday

Wow, I'm still so exhausted. Like I said in my last post - the town of Chicago can sure do things right. I was impressed with everything from the Expo to the race. I'll give a "brief" play-by-play of my time in Chicago - please forgive my blatant grammatical and spelling errors - I'm still wiped out.

Friday Night
We (Kate, my good friend and personal photographer, and I) boarded our plane and headed for Chicago. We arrived at the airport around 9 pm, then took a 45 min train to the hotel. Exhausted, we went right to sleep.

Excited, we woke up with a sore throat around 7 (pretended to not notice) and got ready and took shuttle to the Expo so I could pick up my packet and T-shirt. I was a little nervous about this because the White Rock Expo was a disaster as far as organization was concerned and it was only 20,000 people. Chicago had it down - the expo was awesome. So many sponsors and stuff to look at . . . I could have easily spent hours and hours there - I think I was only there for 1 1/2 hrs then we headed back to the hotel, where I was going to "rest". Ok, so when we got there I was too excited and decided that a brief trip down the Magnificent Mile wouldn't hurt . . . Here is a picture of us leaving the hotel:

and oh, was that mile magnificent - Tiffany's over here and Harrod's over there and Marshall Field's down the street - OH MY - I could have spent all day there, but instead I opted for just a few hours and then picked up a sandwich and headed back to the hotel while Kate meet up with a friend of hers. I sort of rested and prepared my race things for about 3 hours then decided that I did not see enough of Michigan Avenue and headed back out to meet Kate - we walked a little more and headed back to the hotel and she told me about the guy who started masterbating next to her on the train on the way to meet her friend - read about it here. I would have been terrified, but she thought it was totally funny!

It's around 5:30 or so now and I've spent most of the day on my feet.

We have dinner reservations at 7:30 at the Italian Village, the oldest Italian restaurant in Chicago. After speaking with the concierge, we discovered that right across the street from the restaurant there was a mosaic by Marc Chagall - OMG - love Marc Chagall. Had to see it . . . so, we left the hotel early, walked around the mosaic, which took about 10 min but was totally worth every minute. We headed upstairs to the bar to wait the next hour for our reservations, but place was packed (as I'm sure every Italian place in Chicago was), so we went downstairs and stood and waited in the cold and windy air for an hour. By this time we were completely exhausted and my throat was killing me. Finally, we got to eat - Kevin, Karrie, Me and Kate:

Got to bed around 10:30 pm - totally wiped out!

I love Chicago - Sunday - Race Day

Woke up Sunday morning at 2:30 am with a really bad sore throat - red with white spots. I really couldn't ignore it any more, I was running the marathon no matter what. Went back to bed and woke up at 5:30 AM tired and whinny about my sore throat, my achiness and my constipation (which I always get when I travel.) Kate brought me back to reality - As she put it - you delivered a child - you can totally do this. She was right, I think this was her very nice was of saying "please shut-up" . . . we've traveled 1,000 miles for this.

We took a taxi and got to the race. Wonderful weather and the spirit of the crowd was amazing. I waited in line to relieve my constipation, but the potties were full and we needed to get to the start line. We couldn't figure out how to get into the race area, so we climbed the fence. Here are some pictures of me and Karrie at the start and in the crowd of 45,000 people:

The race was packed elbow-to-elbow. Just look at all the people. I have never seen so many people so well organized and packed into such a small space in my life. It took us nearly 20 min just to cross the official start line. The first few miles were spent weaving in and out of people, dodging elbow, water and gatorade. At the 5k point I felt really strong - time: 31:43 - my lungs, legs and whole body, my throat wasn't hurting - it was awesome - on schedule for a 4:30 time.
Kate met me at mile ten and handed me some gel and took my shirt. I was still feeling great, but noticed that my calves were getting tight. I was still elbow-to-elbow with about a million runners:

At mile 12.5, my calves were cramping and so were my intestine. I kept drinking gatorade and water every stop. By the half point the cramping was pretty bad and I would run until it hurt too much and would walk out the cramps. I also took a 5 min potty break - my constipation had turned into runner's diarrhea. Coming out of the potty, I ran thru the water station quickly to make up some time and slipped on a wax gatorade cup and my knee bent sideways. Half time: 2:15 - still on track for a 4:30 marathon, but that didn't last much longer.

The rest of the race was spent much the same - running until my legs cramped and walking until they went away. Slowed me down tremendously. It wasn't so bad - the rest of me felt really strong, my lungs were working just right and other than the calf cramping, my legs were really strong. I think a lot of the cramping was the lateral movement from dodging in and out of people. We just don't train that way and I was using different muscle groups.

Chicago is awesome - running through Little Italy and Chinatown was amazing! I would do it all over again in a second. I cut 52 min off my February Austin '05 time - that's not so bad. My next goal is Austin Marathon '06. Wouldn't it be cool if I could cut another 52 min off my time! Here is an after marathon picture:

After the marathon, Kate and I walked 1.5 miles back to the hotel. I had to use the fitness room to shower (wait in line) and we immediately went to the train station and to the airport. Here is a picture of me and Kate exhausted on the train:

It was 5:30 PM before we even got to O'Hare and I didn't even get a chance to sit down and rest or eat. We got to Dallas at 9:15 pm, got on the wrong parking shuttle bus - drove around for 30 min until we figured we were going in the wrong direction. Finally, we got on the right bus and met up with a man from Dallas who ran the marathon and finished in 3:15 - WOW. I ended up home at around 10:30 pm. I am so glad I took Monday off work.

Monday, October 10, 2005

I love Chicago!

Chicago can certainly do a marathon. Everything from the Expo to the Race was really well organized. I'll update with a full report later after I download all my pictures. But here are my results - not the 4:15-4:30 I was looking for, but it's still 49 min faster than my Austin Marathon time. As you can see by my times, around the 20k point, my time started slowing way down. My calves started cramping and I slipped on a wax cup and bent my knee in the wrong direction - it is swollen like a log today. I'm not sure what the cramping was about because I was really well hydrated . . . perhaps it was one of my several trips to Michigan Ave on Saturday and the shopping gods were punishing me.

Thanks Kate for being there and being my personal photographer - it meant a lot to me! Now I'm off to make halloween creepy crawlys and spend the day with my daughter.

5K - 00:31:43
10K - 01:02:57
15K - n/a
20K - 02:08:11
HALF - 02:15:33
25K - 02:42:44
30K - 03:22:33
35K - 04:01:03
40K - 04:41:11
FINISH - 04:57:13

Friday, October 07, 2005

2 days to go - Leave for Chicago today . . . YAY . . . Kim, when are you going to update your blog?

Race report on Monday!

Good luck DCG and Wil.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

3 days to go - 4 mile run

Easy 4 mile run - 39:27. Very windy today, but pleasant temperature for a change.

I think I have a sty in my eye . . . I'm not sure - but it's a hard little lump right in my tear duct area. I don't know if it's a sty or not, but it sounds cool to say you have a sty in your eye. I'm going to blame it on the pollution. I got the gu situation figured out, now I'm wondering how soon I should start hydrating . . . I'm guessing today.

My tire was low this morning, so I dropped off my car at the tire place . . .they just called to tell me that I had a drill bit in my tire. hmmm, a drill bit - not a nail, a drill bit - and they have to replace the tire. Ok - so I'm rambling again.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

4 days to go - I'm being attacked by bugs

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, a swarm of 8 or so, giant killer wasp-like looking things flew into my bathroom, and started swarming around me. One of them landed on me and freaked me out - I ran out of the bathroom (didn't get to spray my hair even). A couple of them must have stuck on me, because when I got into my car to go to work, I noticed a few of them flying around. EW. I don't know where the nasty things came from, but the bug people are coming tomorrow. Nothing gets in the way of me and a properly-styled doo.

No workout today - tomorrow, a 4 mile tempo run.

I decided to wear my race belt and put the gu in those elastic slots and a few under my bra strap. I'm not going to wear a hat, or at least that's what I'm saying right now. I purchased a throw away shirt and gloves, it will cover my number - I think that will be ok for the first few miles. It is really WRONG to use the words "purchase" and "throw away" in the same sentence - it defies Shopper Susan physics.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

5 days to go - MAN WARNING: a bit too much information

I'm the luckiest girl in the world. Today my head is pounding, my sinuses are inflammed, my hormones are raging, I have a yeast infection and I just started my period. The lucky part is that it should be OVER by Sunday, race day - let's hope. Nothing bites more than running 26.2 miles with a tampon to chaf your insides. Sorry guys - I wouldn't want an appendage that did things without my control either - you can post away all you want about that. Mother nature is playing the funniest joke on me. I'm laughing.

Ok, now seriously, my list is ready, my suitcase is out, and the packing has begun. I'm not quite sure how to carry my gels. I think I'm going to put two under my hat and carry one. I was going to do one every six miles and they are supposed to have a gel station at mile 18. Maybe I should take 4 or 5. Will it look greedy if I stash 2 under my hat at mile 18? Should I wear my race belt or not . . .hmmm, just can't decide. This is my third marathon and I am STILL nervous.

Monday, October 03, 2005

6 days to go - no workout today

Only 6 days to go - I'm going to start packing today - got my lists ready yesterday . . . I have so much to fit into such a little suitcase. I think i'm going to wear a tank top and buy a throw away shirt and gloves to take with me and ditch around mile 2.

I think I'll take the blueline from O'hare to get to the hotel - or at least as far as I can, then take a taxi. I'm also leaving on Sunday and need to arrange for late check out . . . at this point I think I'm just rambling.

I still need to add a couple more songs to my iPod . . . get a new hat . . . more gu . . . rambles on

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Michael & Rowdy

It's so fun when Michael's cycling buddies harass him for having a girlie dog. I don't know who's more handsome.

It's Fall on still way too Hot

Don't they start soccer in the fall because the weather is supposed to be cooler? 95 is not fall, even for Texas.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

8 days to go - Easy ten mile run

Today was an easy 10 mile run . . . Karrie and I are so excited about the marathon we talked practically the entire time - a social run was much in need.

Here is the final week of training - I could get use to this: