Thursday, September 08, 2005

Shopping breakdown about to occur - HELP

All of you know about the practically lesbian affair I'm having with my pink iPod mini - well I'm about ready to leave her for a younger and slimmer model. I want the 4G black one - IT IS EVERYONE'S MORAL RESPONSIBILITY TO PLAGUE MY HUSBAND WITH EMAILS TELLING HIM TO GET THIS FOR ME FOR THE HOLIDAYS. If we all work together people, we can make it happen.

Ok, back to reality:

Today's Stats
Program - elliptical, easy cross-training
Distance - 1.5 mile
Time - 30 min
Calories - 97
AHR: 127bpm - should have worked harder
MHR: 140bpm
Weight: 126.2
Water: 2 oz
PMS - mildly cranky & seriously irritable

Food: turkey on whole wheat, diet coke, coffee, bagel w/ cc, chicken noodle soup, slice of bread, 1/3 pc pound cake, diet coke, water, coffee, 5 hershey kisses, 12 cheezits, bag of cheetos, 9 almonds, 2 oz brie cheese, 4 av0cados, tortilla chips, 1 grilled chicken breast, water, 1/2 g red wine.


Blogger Al Carter said...

Hi Susan
Thanks for the words of support for the foot thing!

I, like you, am infatuated and in love with my iPod - it makes running so much easier and makes my life on public Transit so much better.

You'll talk him round.


10:36 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Maybe if you posted Michael's email address we could send him the emails that you've requested we send him.

11:59 AM  

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