Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What workout

I have to say my workout today was pretty lame - a better workout would have been to stay in bed and sleep in. At points I was going so slow that the elliptical trainer kept blinking - stride faster - because I wasn't going fast enough to register movement. Tomorrow I am doing a five mile race - and it will be so hot - I really need to start drinking some water today.

Workout: 30 min elliptical
Weight: 129.4
Breakfast: lf yogurt, coffee, 1 c watermelon - 295 calories
Lunch: roly poly, diet coke - 297 calories
Snack: 3 triscits/1 slice ww bread - 121.42 calories
Dinner: 1 c ww pasta, oo, onions, mushrooms, sl cheese, sl turkey, 1 sl ww bread, 1/2 c red wine, water, 1/4 c orange sherbert - 670 calories.
Running total: 1434.42 calories


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