Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What is WRONG with me.

Workout: 8 slow repeats - 2 walking - 2 slow running. Weight 130.2.

Snack: twist breadstick, water - 70 calories Breakfast: odwalla bar, 240 calories, coffee, water. Lunch: When am i going to get it thru to my big fat head that Chick-fil-a is just as bad as any other place. I had a 3/4 regular sandwich & one packet of catsup, 3/4 order waffle fries with ranch - total calories 1082.5 - my ass doesn't need that many calories a day. You guys need to start harassing me. I have to get back on track - starting RIGHT NOW. Leave me evil feedback, call me names - do something , anything. Make me eat fruits and vegetables.


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