Sunday, August 14, 2005

This day sucks

Today was a bad training day. We had a 13 mile run scheduled for today - walking the first two then running 11. It was just plain awful. I felt like I'd never run a day before in my life and the three months of training I've done have gone down the tubes. Perhaps not entirely true, but it certainly feels that way. It was considerably cooler - only 82 or so, but the humidity was really high. I've been reading the book Advanced Marathoning, which is a great book - but it says if you miss up to 10 days of a workout, resume normal training. Obviously I was NOT paying attention to the title of the book, I'm not an advanced marathoner, but I certainly wouldn't call myself a beginner -maybe a little higher lever than beginner, but still not a seasoned marathoner. Oh what a fool I was to take off 6 days without training. At my age, that just isn't acceptable. No more, no more.

I started off the day on the wrong foot. I had my alarm scheduled for 3:45am, but didn't actually get out of bed until 4am. I only had 30 min to get ready and put water on the course. My stomach was a little upset this morning, so I went out cold - no muscle fuel or spark. Just an allegra D, a banana, and 8 oz of Heed. Didn't actually hit the road until around 4:45am or so, walked a few miles with lighting in the distance, we weren't sure if rain was in our forecast or not - ended up with no rain, which was good. The run was terrible, slow and grueling - ran the 11 miles at a 13 min pace. I consumed 5 cups of water on the course and was still thirsty during the run and when the run was over. FIVE CUPS. Am I crazy or is that a lot. And, to top it all off - I got huge blisters in the arches of my feet . . . and I don't know why - not new shoes, not new socks - UGH! Next week is a 19 mile run and I truly hope it is a better than today.

I decided to take a short nap at 2:00 - I didn't wake up until 4:15. I guess I needed the recovery. The one good thing about today was my after run weight was 128. I've been really working at eating better, hopefully it will pay off soon.

Workout: 13 miles - 1071 calories burned
V&S: heed, endurox, hammer gel, e-caps & atp - 390 calories
Breakfast: banana, coffee - 174 calories
Lunch: fried okra, carrots, sweet potato, broccoli rice casserole, corn bread, green beans, diet coke - 825 calories.
Snack: 1/2 c strawberries, 7 1/2 ww triscits - 157 calories.
Dinner: 1 c ww pasta w olive oil, garlic, onion & ground turkey breast, 1/2 c orange sherbert. 530 calories.

Running total: 2125 calories.


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