Friday, August 19, 2005

My calories were over yesterday

Workout: Recovery
Weight: 129.6
Breakfast: lf yogurt, coffee, 1/4 c blueberries - 195 calories
Snack: 5 ww triscits - 85 calories, diet coke
Running total: 280


Blogger Kim said...

I am going to give the speedworkouts a try this weekend. It his hotter then heck in Indiana...when I did my workout yesterday morning I left a trail of sweat all over town. Blah I was not a picture of beauty! I envy those woman who after a workout have this beautiful glow... I look like someone ran me over with a truck and then backed over me again! Was a bad bad girl todday and ateTWO bags of popcorn when I went to the movie with my grandson. Have to admit only go to movies so I can eat the popcorn. Now I must suffer tomorrow morning for my the gym I go. My two food weaknesses are Popcorn (from the movie theater..none of that microwave crap) and ceral (all types!!) I swear I can eat an entire box of Golden Grahams in one sitting. I have requested that my husband lock up the cearal because I have NO SELF CONTROL!!!The two foods I love are not good for diabetics...too bad I can't love celery with the same passion as cereal. Have a good Saturday...How far did you run today???

8:32 PM  

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