Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hi Kim, Welcome! I am a slow runner too and am working on improving my time. My first marathon took me 5 hours and 58 min, my second 5 hours and 45 min. I use the Galloway method - which is a run/walk method - it works well for me because the walking gives my muscles time to recover between runs. I started with a 5 min run and a 2 min walk. I am now up to a 8 min run and 1 min walk. My goal is to finish Chicago Marathon in 4 hours - which is a huge leap in time from last year - we'll see how it goes. Some things that I have learned over this past year that have helped my time:
  • only run 3 days per week and cross train 2-3 days (at my age I prefer 2 days a week of recovery)
  • do only one long run per week - and make it enjoyable
  • sprint/tempo workouts once a week (400 meter repeats or fast timed runs)
  • eat healthy and drink lots of water, cut back on carbonated drinks (hard for me because I LOVE food adn LOVE LOVE diet coke)
  • only increase your mileage by 20% per week at the most
  • stretch after the run (this i rarely do, but should and I never stretch before)
One book that has really helped me with my form is ChiRunning by Danny Dryer - he contradicts a lot of what many running books say to do but has helped me with my form so much - my biomechanics are still off but I am gradually improving. I also like 4 months to a 4 hour Marathon by Dave Kuehls and Marathon, you can Do it by Jeff Galloway. I have not read these, but hear they are good: Marathoning for Mortals by John Bingham and The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer by David Winsett.

What are your ultimate goals? I love to talk about running so ask me questions anytime. People at my office get so tired of me talking about running all time time.

BTW, I think a 5k in 34 min is AWESOME.


Blogger Kim said...

Thank goodness someone else I can talk to about family hates when I bring it up. Little history on me...previous large large girl. Weighed in at 289 a year and half later 169-170. Diabetic diet and lots of exercise..they started me jogging last july and now I am hooked! For now I am aiming to get to the 10 minute mile on a consistent basis. The problem I am having is all the people that run at the Y are way ahead of me fitness wise and the others are too one just right for me to have a it is just me and Gwen Steffani this week... Nextweek maybe Axel Rose. I weight train twice weekly (T,Th), swimming on Wed. Running (if you can call it that haha)on T,Th,Sat. Mon and Fri are power hour(boot camp class) w/ 1/2 hr cardio and then 1/2 hr of drills. I still have to get off about 30 lbs. I think that is hurting my time alot. I am backing of the heavy weight b/c I have put on alot of Muscle. I leg press 230 lbs and calf raise 230. My husband says I have scary calves.hahah I am going to post some before and after pictures on my site and will let you know when I can get that done so you can check it out. Poor Doug I had already broke the wheels off two of our chairs in the office. Hope your runs are going well! I am going our tomorrow by 5:00 a.m. I am shooting for 5 miles! Drank about 70 oz of water..blah I feel like a sponge. Running in the heat SUCKS can't wait till fall!

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