Thursday, August 18, 2005

Goal Today = 1200 calories ONLY

My snail is so talented, it can crawl backwards. Since I've only done 1 hour on moderate activity today - my goal is 1200 calories today. Let's see how I do.

Kim, you workout schedule is awesome - keep up the good work. You will get faster - I promise. I too hate the heat - here in Texas (or hell) it is unbearable.

Workout: 30 min of elliptical and 30 min on weight - upper & abs
Weight: 130
Water: 16 oz
V&S: antiox, b12, multi
Breakfast: 5 triscits, coffee - 190 calories
Snack: raisins - 130 calories
Lunch: 2 chalupas - 500 calories
Snack: ice cream - 270 calories
Dinner: ww pita with feta, slice 6yr old, tomatoe, oo, balsamic vinegar, banana - 339 calories
Running total: 1429 calories


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