Sunday, August 28, 2005

The 21 mile . . . oops 18 mile training run

Wow, what a morning. Got up at 3:40 AM to put out water for our 4:30 AM run today. I will be so grateful when the Chicago Marathon is over. Next marathon I'm training for only 2 or 3 months instead of 4. This is my third marathon and I'm getting so burned out training this time around. Mind you, the 100 degree temps don't do a lot to motivate me (hence getting up so early to beat the heat and blistering Texas sun.) How long do most of you out there train before marathons?

I was really aware of my surroundings today. Usually, I'm so focused on my run, my form and my time, that I am able to get into that zone. Not today, thanks to my intestinal cramps - oh, sheer agony this was. Cut the run short and did A LOT of walking. None-the-less, I know we are ready and can complete the Chicago Marathon - Karrie and I have trained hard and our time will be better, much better, than White Rock and Austin.

I'm thinking about getting a small digital camera to take pictures of some of the inspirations I see along my runs . . . anyone else do that? I took one with my cell phone today, but it didn't turn out very well - you can't see the beautiful horse in the backgound.


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I generally start training 3 months out from a marathon - not any more than that because it just increases the chances of getting burnt out, injured or sick, or all of the above! It is a lot harder training for a marathon in hot weather - I'm doing the opposite at the moment, its usually sub-zero temperatures early in the morning when I run! When is the Chicago marathon?

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