Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I think this is the first time we've all had a good run day. I think we should celebrate and go dancing.

Rock Stars Today

Today we were totally awesome. I ran so fast, 20 seconds before the run was over I vomited (3 times mind you) - then finished the run. I have the worlds most sensitive stomach - blech. Today was a 3 mile tempo run (5k for you aussie shapes), goal was 27 min (our race pace for the marathon) but I finished in 25:41 - YAY! I wish the marathon was tomorrow. The only thing that could make today better was if my weight had gone down. But still - happy day! The weather was great today too - only 71 degrees.

My goal is to finish the Chicago marathon in 4 hours - I've been doubtful - but now I totally think it is possible. For all of you Muscle Fuel connoisseurs - it tastes the same coming up as it does going down - rancid.

Sunday's distance run is an easy 10 miles and my goal is to finish in 1 hour 30 min. I'm so excited for Sunday's run. I may have to graph my distance runs to see my progress!

One poops on the carpet and one has poop for brains - but how can you not love them to pieces

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Help, the blogging spamers are after me . . .

How do you make it stop? I turned on the word verification for posting - so please keep posting. Hopefully this will take care of the spam. OMG - I may have to go to church, some of it was really awful!

My arms are spent

My husband is upset because I've taken over both of our Ipods and that I've become a blogging fool. Workout today was 30 min of elliptical and upper/abs weights. I didn't realize how little I had been doing with my arms lately - they are like noodles right now they are so tired. Tomorrow workout is a 3 mile tempo run. I am so thankful this week is a recovery week, the next three aren't going to be so fun.

Breakfast was 1/2 a ww pita with chicken salad and coffee. I need to up my water intake today - I'm feeling really dehydrated. Lunch today was leftover penne arrabita (my husband's specialty) and yummy salad, diet coke. Snack was about 750 cheese-itz . . . oh the calories. My butt will certainly jiggle during that tempo run tomorrow.

Kim, you are doing so well with your running - have you considered running the mini-marathon in Indy next May? I'm thinking of doing it. You could totally be ready by then.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Can you see them?

Food for today

Workout - recovery day. Breakfast - yogurt & strawberries with coffee. Lunch - Roly Poly. Snack - Chicken Salad with pineapple, raisins and apple. Feeling a little crudy today - congestion, sore throat, allergies are really bad.

Tomorrow is cross-training day - YAY.

Do I not have the world's larget forehead? I looked like a bucktooth in the other picture - someday I'll get one that will work.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Before and After

The 21 mile . . . oops 18 mile training run

Wow, what a morning. Got up at 3:40 AM to put out water for our 4:30 AM run today. I will be so grateful when the Chicago Marathon is over. Next marathon I'm training for only 2 or 3 months instead of 4. This is my third marathon and I'm getting so burned out training this time around. Mind you, the 100 degree temps don't do a lot to motivate me (hence getting up so early to beat the heat and blistering Texas sun.) How long do most of you out there train before marathons?

I was really aware of my surroundings today. Usually, I'm so focused on my run, my form and my time, that I am able to get into that zone. Not today, thanks to my intestinal cramps - oh, sheer agony this was. Cut the run short and did A LOT of walking. None-the-less, I know we are ready and can complete the Chicago Marathon - Karrie and I have trained hard and our time will be better, much better, than White Rock and Austin.

I'm thinking about getting a small digital camera to take pictures of some of the inspirations I see along my runs . . . anyone else do that? I took one with my cell phone today, but it didn't turn out very well - you can't see the beautiful horse in the backgound.

The long dark scary road

I'm not crazy about running this road in the dark.

Getting up at 3:40 AM to put water on the course for our training run

Yes, I look lovely I know! I am insane. This is what a person looks like getting up at 3:40AM to put water out for our 21 mile run (turned 18 miles thanks to my intestine)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

I went to the mall today . . .

and didn't buy any shoes. Other things yes, but the gold, strapy platform shoes calling my name - they stayed on the shelf.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Back by popular demand. . . Rowdy Dines!

What will his next meal be?

Please, who am I fooling?

Alrighty, let's add to yesterday's food log - mashed potatoes, red wine and unlimited tortilla chips. Yeah right - and I wonder why I can't lose weight. I also can't figure out why I'm bloated today.

Workout today is a recreational swim with my daughter after work. I think I will take Saturday off in prep for my 21 mile run on Sunday! I'm going to look at walkie talkies today at lunch - I'm very excited about that. Although, a manicure/pedicure sounds nice as well.

Hmmm . . . sounds like I am rewarding myself for sabotage.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Food today

My psychotic eating habits are coming back - I have to be really aware of what I'm doing.

Breakfast: coffee, yogurt - 190 calories. Lunch: chick-fil-a 930 caloreis (OMG here I go again). Dinner: guacamole, chips and steak: 427 calories. Vitamins: b12. Water: 24 oz. Running total: 1547 calories

My weight today: 128.8

What am I doing with my tongue?

I'm not sure who this lady in the background is -

but she wears support hose when she races and kicks my ass on a regular basis. Whomever you are - I hope I'm just like you someday. Be sure and note my double chin in this picture.

My time for the 5 mile was 51:56 - but it was 101 degrees outside - WAY too hot!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sporty Spice runs Daylight to Darkness

For all of you that don't know, my nickname at work is Sporty Spice - thanks to Kate and Linda - the brave souls who are going to White Rock Lake with me in 105 degree temperature to cheer me on. Hopefully, I will survive the heat - it's only five miles so we'll see what happens. I will take lots of pictures - mostly of me sweaty and disgusting - I know you are all looking forward to it.

My syndromes are a little at easy today - although I still have the "I am my shoes" syndrome, owcd and I really need that gray skirt.

Workout: 5 mile daylight to darkness run - later tonight
Weight: 129.4

I Yuk Boys

I Love this shirt!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I got this off - I need to remind myself of this on my 21 mile run Sunday - Unbearable agony indicates a probability of injury and long-term damage and should be respected. Mild discomfort and dull distress is the pain you are seeking to create when pushing the limits of your performance capability.

this is cool:


Today I am suffering from OCWD - obsessive compulsive weighing disorder. I have only weighed myself once today and I am sitting here at work wondering if I should go to Target at lunch to weigh myself on one of their scales. My teeth hurt from gritting so much because I know this is WRONG - but I can't help myself - someone please make these thoughts go away.

Other imaginary illnesses I'm having today:
  • Allergic Bronchial spasms - convincing myself that I'm actually having a heart attack.
  • Knees hurt because of my I can't swallow large pills syndrome - glucosamine.
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome - from blogging too much
  • Death from hunger
  • I am not my clothes, I am my shoes syndrome

What workout

I have to say my workout today was pretty lame - a better workout would have been to stay in bed and sleep in. At points I was going so slow that the elliptical trainer kept blinking - stride faster - because I wasn't going fast enough to register movement. Tomorrow I am doing a five mile race - and it will be so hot - I really need to start drinking some water today.

Workout: 30 min elliptical
Weight: 129.4
Breakfast: lf yogurt, coffee, 1 c watermelon - 295 calories
Lunch: roly poly, diet coke - 297 calories
Snack: 3 triscits/1 slice ww bread - 121.42 calories
Dinner: 1 c ww pasta, oo, onions, mushrooms, sl cheese, sl turkey, 1 sl ww bread, 1/2 c red wine, water, 1/4 c orange sherbert - 670 calories.
Running total: 1434.42 calories

Monday, August 22, 2005

hmmm - recovery day or no

I was not sure if I should take today as a recovery day or not, but since Kim has instilled the fear of God in me, I think I will hit the gym for some light jogging during Kenza's soccer practice - he he. Thanks Kim - I'll dedicate my 4 hours to you!

Workout: easy 30 min swim and easy 30 min sit in hot tub
V&S: b12, glucosamine
Weight: 128.2
Water: 4 oz - i'm slacking a little today
Breakfast: lf yogurt, 1/2 c strawberries, coffee - 225 calories
Snack: water
Lunch: turkey sandwich, chips, diet coke - 740 calories
Dinner: leftover hibachi - guessing around 400 calories
Snack: 1/2 c orange sherbert - 150 calories
Running total: 1515

Sunday, August 21, 2005

The long sloowww run and it felt so good

Today was a good long run, took it at a pretty slow by steady pace and it felt good. I walked 2 miles, then ran 17, and walked one (total 20 miles.) My 2 mile walk was around 30 min, then my 17 mile run was 3:30 on the dot, and then a 15 min walk.

My 17 mile pace was 12:21 - (I'm giving myself leeway for being on my period) -I'm not discouraged, it felt really good and I had so much energy left for the entire day - I steam cleaned the carpets, mopped the floors, cleaned the entire house, did all the laundry. I also went to target and did some grocery shopping.

I am so ready for Chicago - I doubted myself for a while but I am back in shape. I know when I run Chicago I will run a 4 hour marathon. I will push myself, it will be hard - but I WILL do it, and if I don't I will allow all of you to beat the crap out of me when I return!!

1675 calories burned
Breakfast: banana, sweet potato bread, coffee - guessing 295 calories
Lunch: Roly Poly, diet coke - 238 calories
Snack: none
Dinner: nuts, shrimp hibachi, sake, water - 540 calories
Running total: 1073

Friday, August 19, 2005

My calories were over yesterday

Workout: Recovery
Weight: 129.6
Breakfast: lf yogurt, coffee, 1/4 c blueberries - 195 calories
Snack: 5 ww triscits - 85 calories, diet coke
Running total: 280

Kim, I like this speed workout - Yasso 800s

I haven't tried it but maybe I will for my next marathon training.

Yasso 800s are an invention of Runner's World staffer Bart Yasso, who has run more than 50 marathons and ultramarathons. Because of their simplicity, Yasso 800s have proven popular and useful for marathoners worldwide. Basically, Bart says that if you want to run a marathon in 2:45, 3:29 or 4:11, you should train to the point where you can run 10 repeats of 800 meters in the same time 2:45, 3:29 or 4:11. The only difference is that your marathon time is hours:minutes and your 800 time is minutes:seconds. Bart suggests doing Yasso 800s once a week as part of your marathon training. Start with perhaps 4 x 800 and build up to 10 x 800. Between the 800s, take a recovery jog that lasts as long as your 800s. (Additional hint: Yasso 800s are a great workout for any runner. Because they are "strong but controlled," they're basically a form of tempo training.) A good Yasso 800 workout: 6 x 800 at Yasso pace with recovery jogs between the 800s.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Cool - training pace calculator

This is so cool from the Runners World page - you put your last race time in and it gives you your training paces - OR - put in the race pace you want to be and you get your goal run paces!!

The only time I wished I were Amish

A study released in early 2004 showed that the Amish take about six times as many steps per day as adults in most American communities, and have about 87-percent lower rates of obesity.

What are the symptoms of hyponatremia?

The spectrum of symptoms can range from mild to severe and can include nausea, muscle cramps, disorientation, headache, dizziness, numbness in the arms and/or legs, slurred speech, confusion, and inappropriate behavior. Taking any over-the-counter pain medications (ibuprophen) or prescription medicine reduces the body's capability to conserve salt. 20% of female endurance athletes suffer from hyponatremia. Do you know anyone with these symptoms?

Consequently, the amount of electrolytes available to your body tissues decreases over time to a point where that loss interferes with brain, heart, and muscle function! You have to replace these electrolytes! They're essential to the normal electro-chemical operation of your nervous system. Severe hyponatremia is a true medical emergency. As it progresses, victims may experience seizures or coma. When serum sodium falls rapidly, over a period of 24-48 hours, this compensatory mechanism is overwhelmed and severe cerebral edema may ensue, resulting in brainstem herniation and even death.

Goal Today = 1200 calories ONLY

My snail is so talented, it can crawl backwards. Since I've only done 1 hour on moderate activity today - my goal is 1200 calories today. Let's see how I do.

Kim, you workout schedule is awesome - keep up the good work. You will get faster - I promise. I too hate the heat - here in Texas (or hell) it is unbearable.

Workout: 30 min of elliptical and 30 min on weight - upper & abs
Weight: 130
Water: 16 oz
V&S: antiox, b12, multi
Breakfast: 5 triscits, coffee - 190 calories
Snack: raisins - 130 calories
Lunch: 2 chalupas - 500 calories
Snack: ice cream - 270 calories
Dinner: ww pita with feta, slice 6yr old, tomatoe, oo, balsamic vinegar, banana - 339 calories
Running total: 1429 calories

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Check out "Ask the Dietition"

It's also in my running links side bar for future reference.

Interesting Articles

I don't think we have this problem - but it was interesting since we've been talking about lemonade pee. and
Hi Kim, Welcome! I am a slow runner too and am working on improving my time. My first marathon took me 5 hours and 58 min, my second 5 hours and 45 min. I use the Galloway method - which is a run/walk method - it works well for me because the walking gives my muscles time to recover between runs. I started with a 5 min run and a 2 min walk. I am now up to a 8 min run and 1 min walk. My goal is to finish Chicago Marathon in 4 hours - which is a huge leap in time from last year - we'll see how it goes. Some things that I have learned over this past year that have helped my time:
  • only run 3 days per week and cross train 2-3 days (at my age I prefer 2 days a week of recovery)
  • do only one long run per week - and make it enjoyable
  • sprint/tempo workouts once a week (400 meter repeats or fast timed runs)
  • eat healthy and drink lots of water, cut back on carbonated drinks (hard for me because I LOVE food adn LOVE LOVE diet coke)
  • only increase your mileage by 20% per week at the most
  • stretch after the run (this i rarely do, but should and I never stretch before)
One book that has really helped me with my form is ChiRunning by Danny Dryer - he contradicts a lot of what many running books say to do but has helped me with my form so much - my biomechanics are still off but I am gradually improving. I also like 4 months to a 4 hour Marathon by Dave Kuehls and Marathon, you can Do it by Jeff Galloway. I have not read these, but hear they are good: Marathoning for Mortals by John Bingham and The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer by David Winsett.

What are your ultimate goals? I love to talk about running so ask me questions anytime. People at my office get so tired of me talking about running all time time.

BTW, I think a 5k in 34 min is AWESOME.

My eyebrows still need plucked and I am starving today

Workout: 4 mile tempo run - 9:34 per mile - ok, but still aiming for 9:00 per mile. Calories burned - 388.
Weight: 129
Water: 64 oz
V&S: muscle fuel before run, b12
Breakfast: 1 Fruit & Nut bar, coffee, 1 box raisins - 350 calories
Snack: 8 triscits - 120 calories
Lunch: Lo Mein Chicken - 740 calories - OMG
Snack: 2 hershey kisses & 1 hershey mini - 100 calories
Dinner: salad with blue cheese dressing, walnuts and 6 yr old, pasta with sundried tomatoes and basil, bread, 1/2 glass red win - 800 - more calories that I should consume in one meal.
Running total: 2110 calories - HEART ATTACK ALERT!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My eyebrows need plucked

Workout: 30 min elliptical, weights
V&S: catalyst,
Weight: 128.8
Water: 32 oz
Breakfast: 1 Fruit & Nut bar, 1/2 c blueberries, coffee - 264 calories
Snack: 7 1/2 ww triscits - 115
Lunch: 6" roly on wheat, diet coke - 297 calories
Snack: Iced tea, Fruit & Nut bar, 140 calories
Dinner: chicken pesto pasta salad - 760 calories
Running total: 1576

Monday, August 15, 2005

I still have PMS

Many religions believe that people get sick because of sin. Since I am a self-proclaimed hypochondriac, does that mean I only have imaginary sins? Doesn't that count for anything?

Woke up with a headache and neckache today - moved to the sofa last night because Michael was snoring so loud. I felt like plugging up his nostrils, but I spared him. I am tired today and mad because my feet hurt and I couldn't wear my new lizard-skin, brown heels.

Weight: 129.6
Workout: recovery day
V&S: b12, ibuprophen, allegra d
Breakfast: coffee, 1/2 c oj, 1/2 c blueberries, 1 slice ww bread with 1 tbs peanut butter. 271 calories.
Snack: water, 1/2 c sliced apple - 67 calories
Lunch: 1 c ww pasta, onions, ground turkey breast, garlic & olive oil - 385 calories
Snack: 8 triscits - 120 calories
Dinner: Ceasar salad, pasta with meat sauce, 1/2 glass red win - 775 calories

Running total: 1618 calories.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

This day sucks

Today was a bad training day. We had a 13 mile run scheduled for today - walking the first two then running 11. It was just plain awful. I felt like I'd never run a day before in my life and the three months of training I've done have gone down the tubes. Perhaps not entirely true, but it certainly feels that way. It was considerably cooler - only 82 or so, but the humidity was really high. I've been reading the book Advanced Marathoning, which is a great book - but it says if you miss up to 10 days of a workout, resume normal training. Obviously I was NOT paying attention to the title of the book, I'm not an advanced marathoner, but I certainly wouldn't call myself a beginner -maybe a little higher lever than beginner, but still not a seasoned marathoner. Oh what a fool I was to take off 6 days without training. At my age, that just isn't acceptable. No more, no more.

I started off the day on the wrong foot. I had my alarm scheduled for 3:45am, but didn't actually get out of bed until 4am. I only had 30 min to get ready and put water on the course. My stomach was a little upset this morning, so I went out cold - no muscle fuel or spark. Just an allegra D, a banana, and 8 oz of Heed. Didn't actually hit the road until around 4:45am or so, walked a few miles with lighting in the distance, we weren't sure if rain was in our forecast or not - ended up with no rain, which was good. The run was terrible, slow and grueling - ran the 11 miles at a 13 min pace. I consumed 5 cups of water on the course and was still thirsty during the run and when the run was over. FIVE CUPS. Am I crazy or is that a lot. And, to top it all off - I got huge blisters in the arches of my feet . . . and I don't know why - not new shoes, not new socks - UGH! Next week is a 19 mile run and I truly hope it is a better than today.

I decided to take a short nap at 2:00 - I didn't wake up until 4:15. I guess I needed the recovery. The one good thing about today was my after run weight was 128. I've been really working at eating better, hopefully it will pay off soon.

Workout: 13 miles - 1071 calories burned
V&S: heed, endurox, hammer gel, e-caps & atp - 390 calories
Breakfast: banana, coffee - 174 calories
Lunch: fried okra, carrots, sweet potato, broccoli rice casserole, corn bread, green beans, diet coke - 825 calories.
Snack: 1/2 c strawberries, 7 1/2 ww triscits - 157 calories.
Dinner: 1 c ww pasta w olive oil, garlic, onion & ground turkey breast, 1/2 c orange sherbert. 530 calories.

Running total: 2125 calories.

Wrinkly, Blistery Feet

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Elvis Run!

Today was a fun day - the Elvis Run 5k starting at the Hard Rock Cafe. Karrie & I headed out among the running Elvises (how do you plural Elvis?) for a fun run. It was a pretty hot day 85 degrees, but better than past races. Don't have my official results yet, but my stop-watch time was 30:15, which puts me around a 9 min 44 sec mile. My goal was 27 min, but I'm pleased with my results.

V&S: muscle fuel 45 calories, hammer gel 80 calories.
Workout: 5k - 306 calories burned
Breakfast: banana, 1/4 c. blueberries, 6 oz lf yogurt, 1 slice ww bread with 1/2 tsp light butter, coffee, 330 calories - YIKES!
Lunch: 6" turkey subway on wheat, lettuce, onion, pickle, olives, light mayo, s&p. 280 calories.
Snack: Rice Crispy Treat - 90 calories (I'm still hungry)
Dinner: 4 oz filet mignon, 1/2 c ww pasta with lf butter, salad w/ blue cheese dressing, 1/2 c orange sherbert. 770 calories.

Running total: 1595 calories

Elvis Run Photo

Friday, August 12, 2005

A new day

Today is a new day. I'm really depressed about my weight again - after my trip to Indiana my weight jumped up 4 lbs. I only have myself to blame. I'm doing my best to eat healthy today. At lunch I went to an herbal pharmacy and talked with one of the doctors. He recommended a liquid B12 and an antioxidant supplement. I'm also going to start listing the supplements and sport enhancement products as well. I need to start remembering to take my catalyst.

V&S - Vitamins, Supplements, Sport Enhancement: multivitamin, b12, antioxidant, catalyst, glucosamine.
Workout: easy 6 mile run on the treadmill
Breakfast: water, coffee, 6 oz lf yogurt, 1/2 c strawberries - 232 calories.
Lunch: whole wheat tortilla w/ 1/2 c. chicken salad, lettuce, tomatoes, bean sprouts and avocado, water, diet coke. 288 calories.
Snack: 8 whole wheat triscits. 120 calories, iced tea w/ splenda.
Snack 2: 1 c. watermelon. 49 calories.
Dinner: 1 slice italian bread, 1/2 c whole wheat shrimp & scallop primavera pasta, salad with vinaigrette, coffee with cream. guesstimate on calories: 500

Total Caloric Intake: 1189

Thursday, August 11, 2005

3rd grade!

Today is Kenza's first day of school. How dreadfully fashionable does one have to be to wear plaid shoes and a floral shirt!

Workout: 30 min elliptical and weights. Good cardio this morning - punishing myself for not exercising for so long. My body is still pretty tired.

Breakfast: coffee, water, 1 scrambled egg with 3 cherry tomatoes, 1 tsp feta cheese, 1 small slice watermelon. Snack: 1 pkg cream of wheat. Lunch: salad with vinaigrette, 2 slices of thin crust mega-veggie pizza, diet coke. Snack: 1 Hershey kiss. Dinner: Green beans, turkey breast, okra, iced tea.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Today was a long day

- and this will be a short blog. I drove the remaining 7 hours back home to Dallas - returning from a vacation in Indiana to visit my sister's family & her new baby girl, Harper.

For 6 days I was garbage disposing slug. I ate everything, anything and all things beige - moved at the speed of a deformed slug and took many naps (not a bad way to spend a vacation, but definitely not my usual routine).

So tonight I headed to the gym around 6pm and did a 3 mile run - 28:46 - my legs were tired and stiff, and I was extremely dehydrated. I feel a little better knowing that I didn't loose too much stamina. I had an occasional side stitch, and felt a little nausea (fatigue I'm sure), but other than that, it was a pretty good run.

I'll blog later about my week in the land of beige food. Right now I need to get my daughter's stuff ready for the first day of school tomorrow. 3rd grade - I am so old.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

PMS Warning

Just a heads up - I have PMS today. I'm seriously depressed about my increased weight today. I know it's because I've been eating too much fast food. Why is it so hard for me to eat more fruits and vegetables. I'm bloated, I have a sinus headache, my allergies have gone wild, I'm tired. I'm just plain whinny and teary all around. None of these things make me want to go out and run - I was a retard and just plain lazy and didn't workout today. I'm leaving for Indiana tonight and won't have time this evening. Goodness, I still need to pack.

Today is a new day - I'm going to eat healthy, force my multi-vitamin and OM3 down. I need to go and get an antioxidant as well. For those of you who don't know, I have a pill swallowing problem. I hate taking vitamins, sport supplements and herbal meds. No problems with pain killers though - I can take those by the handful.

I have 66 days to lose 20 lbs. That's 9 1/2 weeks and close to 2 lbs a week. I think that's a doable, healthy goal if I can get my act together. Many people have been telling me I'm not eating enough calories for the exercise I'm doing. I can't get myself to eat more or more heatlhy. Women are magnificent self-saboteurs. What's the difference between those who eat too much and those who eat too little? Aren't they both eating disorders. The American culture dictates an enormous amount of pressure on us - when will we stop listening?

Breakfast: coffee - 45 calories.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What is WRONG with me.

Workout: 8 slow repeats - 2 walking - 2 slow running. Weight 130.2.

Snack: twist breadstick, water - 70 calories Breakfast: odwalla bar, 240 calories, coffee, water. Lunch: When am i going to get it thru to my big fat head that Chick-fil-a is just as bad as any other place. I had a 3/4 regular sandwich & one packet of catsup, 3/4 order waffle fries with ranch - total calories 1082.5 - my ass doesn't need that many calories a day. You guys need to start harassing me. I have to get back on track - starting RIGHT NOW. Leave me evil feedback, call me names - do something , anything. Make me eat fruits and vegetables.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Things I say A Lot!

I'm so hungry I think I might die.
I've never sweat this much.
It's cold in here.
It's hot in here.
I'm temperature sensitive.
Do I stink?

Busy Week

This week is certainly busy - leaving for Indiana on Thursday night, hopefully plane but maybe by car. I registered for the Elvis 5k Run yesterday. That should be a fun, quick race. My goal is to finish in less than 30 min.

My iPod has been diagnosed with needing some serious updates and using backlight too much. She is repaired and ready for pick up.

So I didn't blog anything yesterday - I got a new cell phone and played with it most of the day. I ate quite a bit of food inlcuding a mcdonalds egg mcmuffin, a reubin sandwich, potato chips, fudge, chicken and pasta - plenty of food. Which explains my weight of 131.2 this morning. YIKES!

Breakfast: 1/2 whole wheat pita with feta, coffee, water. Snack: 4 snackwell cookies. Lunch: 6" subway turkey sandwich with lettuce, olives, onion and pickle. No cheese and I have to say -that I really didn't miss it. My, my long run is catching up to me Snack: peanut m&m's, water, 5 club crackers, 4 cheetos, iced tea. OH - how dare I - so much shame.

Workout: 5 min warm-up, 3 mile easy 30 min run.