Thursday, July 14, 2005

New Blog - trying something different

Flagpole 8k pictures

Workout - 30 min cross training and upper body weights - tired this morning. I think I shrank my new workout shirt in the wash - makes me sad, oh well - when I get thin it will fit. I'm really bloated today - I think from the soy sauce of last night's meal. I didn't count soy in calories, hmmm. Never thought about it. I'll have to check it out. I'm going to move running pictures over to this site to so they can inspire me. I'll have to do that at home - hm or I wonder if I can do it from here - I doubt it - but I will check. It worked. Calories burned - 138

Breakfast - coffee 60 calories
Banana - 132 calories

Snack - Iced Chai Soy Latte - 170 calories

Lunch - 1/2 Chicken & Spincach Enchilada 200 calories roasted green beans and new potatoes - 81 calories
diet coke

Snack - two hershey kisses - 50 calories

Dinner - rice, zuccini, onion, mushroom, chicken - 294 calories
water, diet coke


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