Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Friends, today is the day I start to document my bowel movements AND my cycle - if that disgusts you - I suggest you stop reading right now. It interferes with my running and I'm going to blog it. I need perfect *timing* for the Chicago Marathon. The right combinations of food are out there - I just need to find them.

Woke up this mourning with a double-whammy diarrhea/period situation. Mother nature loves me. I wondered why I was so fatigued during my Monday & Tuesday workouts. It stinks to hold in diarrhea while sprinting quarter mile repeats wondering the entire time if blood is running down your leg because you can't remember is you put a tampon because your brain doesn't function at 4:30 am. Thank Zeus, it was only 6 repeats today. I'm morning last week's glorious 1:40 repeats they were so strong - yet seem so long ago. The calorie festival is ending today.

Spotting. BM: 4:45 am & 7:35 am. Bad hair day. Multi-vitamin: 8:45 am. Morning weight: 129.2. Massage at 12:15 today. Breakfast 8:15 AM: 1/4 c egg beaters, one small avocado, coffee - 242 calories. Snack: diet coke. Lunch: 1/2 c madarin oranges - 43 calories, 4 wendy chicken nuggets - 171 calories. Snack: crackers - 210 calories. Dinner - pasta with meat sauce, salad, bread. - 413 calories

Running total on calories after lunch: 666 - I must be eatting the devil's food today!
after dinner calorie total: 1079.


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