Thursday, July 21, 2005

Be True to Your Blog

5AM Workout - 30 min on Elliptical, upper body weights & abs. Very, very tired this morning. Left foot painful - 3rd metatarsal. Weight 128.2. 8:15am and still no bm. I'm wearing my favorite Carlos Santana Birdcage shoes today. 7PM workout - walked 1 hour - 238 calories burned.

Breakfast: egg beaters with salsa, coffee. I'm still hungry - my avocado was rotten this morning. I may have to get a granola bar - maybe not, not sure yet - maybe a pop tart, i'm so hungry - but I will document it, the calories still count even if it's not blogged - I will be true to my blog, I will let you know my food choice soon. Ok, I ate a sample bite of chicken salad sandwich from Starbucks and have a grande coffee. Still hungry. Snack: 2 snackwell cookier - 120 calories. Lunch: grilled chicken salad - tomatoes, cucumber, onion, one roll. Dinner: one whole wheat pita with feta, tomatoes & balsamic vinigar.


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