Friday, July 15, 2005

Adventures in Marking the Course

What a beautiful Flower Mound country side we have. We had a lovely tour this morning. I have to say, I'm not very good at calculating mileage. I think we will have a good course to run on Sunday - and I'm very excited about that. I would love to finish the course in 2 hrs 15 min - that would put me at 9 min miles exactly. If I finish in 2:30 - I'll be ok, that would be 10 min miles. My weight this morning was a lovely 129.4.

Breakfast - coffee - 40 calories, scrambled eggs - 155 calories, 10 peanuts - 59 calories
Lunch - ok, so I think I went overboard at lunch - 6" turkey sub with lf mayo and american cheese, lettuce, pickles, onion, banana peppers and olives - 365 calories. BBQ Baked Chips - 140 calories. That's 505 calories - 1/2 my calories for the day right here.
Snack - 1 chocolate chip - 3 calories, 3 hershey kisses - 75 calories
Dinner - not sure I can accurately calculate because I ate more than any human should eat - Ok, here we go: Penne with marianra and meat sauce - 357 calories, wedge salad with blue cheese - 218 calories, bread - 89 calories, small glass red wine - 87 calories
Dinner Snack - Strawberry Smoothie - 210
Running total: 1798 big fat calories - I'm putting this in red to flag everyone I may die of heart disease tonight.


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