Saturday, July 09, 2005


Weight 129.6 - oh good word, what the hell is wrong with my body! I'm a freak of nature. Ok, so I said I wasn't exercising today - I changed my mind. I'm going to swim 1 hour and do some squats and upper body at lifetime. The international nutrition log says I should be 95 - 116 lbs and close to the low end because I have a small frame! I think I have a retarded metabolism - it really sucks that the older you get the less calories your body needs. Ok, so I'm leaving soon to get a massage - I wish they did liposuction too. How the hell am I going to be able to heave this ass through the Chicago marathon in only 4 hours! I must lose weight - I will lose weight. Today, I will eat hardly nothing! I need to make sure I drink lots of water. Tomorrow will be so HOT.

Breakfast - coffee 40 calories
16 oz water - o calories

Lunch -
veggie fajita roly poly - 458 calories
diet coke

Snack - baked doritos - 130 calories
32 oz water

Dinner - 499 calories
1/2 c fried rice w/ tofu - 128 calories
1/2 c noodles w/ tofu - 174 calories
one rice paper spring roll - 110 calories
3 tbs sticky rice - 60 caloires
1/2 mango - 27 calories
16 oz water

Total calories - 1127 - Ok, so I wasn't very good at eatting nothing. I'm tired and I'm going to bed.


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